Yearbook of Estonian Courts 2021


Villu Kõve, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Estonia

This year, the yearbook is a little different from the past ones, somewhat more varied. Readers are treated to an overview of the work of the judges’ self-governing bodies, ruminations of a more academic stripe about jurisprudence, such as pandemic restrictions or person intimidating their neighbour, and facets of judges’ and court officers’ lives outside work are also explored. ...

The Renewal of the Judiciary

Kristel Siimula-Saar, Adviser of the Supreme Court Personnel and Communication Department

In autumn 2021, the Minister of Justice regulation designating the number of judges and their division between courthouses was amended. Under the amendment, if a judge is away from their duties for a longer period, an additional judge can be appointed. ...

The case of the malicious neighbour: when a victim is not a victim

Laura Aiaots, State Prosecutor; Visiting Lecturer in penal law, University of Tartu Faculty of Law
Anneli Soo, Associate Professor, University of Tartu Faculty of Law

The victim is a very important person in the context of penal law. It is, after all, the victim whose legal rights – life, health, assets, and so on – are protected by penal law ...

Establishing the identity of the defendant in pre-trial taking of evidence. A discussion*

Merit Helm, Harju County Court judge
Mati Maksing, Tallinn Circuit Court judge

The development of freedom of speech and different types of media have led to new disputes. Everyone can easily post comments and opinions on the internet, including claims and assessments about other persons. ...

The coronavirus as a litmus test for efficacy of legal protection provided by the administrative courts

Kristjan Siigur, Tallinn Administrative Court judge

It has now been more than two years since the coronavirus reached Estonia. The Government of the Republic established a raft of restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure availability of vital public services. The restrictions curtailed enterprise ...

Training of judges in 2021

Margit Jõgeva, Tartu County Court judge, chairman of the Training Council
Kerdi Raud, former Head of the Legal Information and Judicial Training Department of the Supreme Court

The development of the judicial training system has been a long-term process. The first judicial training council convened on 13 September 2002. ...

Procedural statistics for county, administrative and circuit courts in 2021

Külli Luha, Analyst of the Courts Division of the Ministry of Justice

Summary of the procedural statistics of the county, administrative and circuit courts in 2021: matters adjudicated (including paperless proceeding) and the average workload of judges. ...

Review of Supreme Court Matters in 2021

Signe Rätsep, Chief Specialist of the Legal Information and Judicial Training Department of the Supreme Court

Statistics on the work of the Supreme Court are collected based on requests for proceedings and matters reviewed. ...