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Transition to Digital Proceedings and Information Technology in Justice

Differences in Perception of Information Presented on Paper and Digitally: An Overview of Scientific Research

Talis Bachmann, University of Tartu Department of Penal Law Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Law, two-time Laureate of the Republic of Estonia National Science Prize in Social Sciences, Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Consciousness and Cognition (Elsevier)

The sense of sight is one of the basic tools of successful human activity ...

Artificial Intelligence: A Substitute or Supporter of Judges?

Net Group, Digital Justice Solutions Team

In the 18th century, the steam engine was invented, launching the Industrial Revolution. The first wave was a shift from predominantly manual labour to mechanized production. The Second Industrial Revolution in the late 19th and early 20th centuries introduced electricity and industry learned to produce large quantities cheaply. ...

A Kratt as an Administrative Body: Algorithmic Decisions and Principles of Administrative Law*

Ivo Pilving, Chairman of the Administrative Law Chamber of the Supreme Court, University of Tartu Associate Professor in Administrative Law
Monika Mikiver, Adviser in the Public Law Division of the Ministry of Justice, Doctoral student at the University of Tartu Faculty of Law

Artificial intelligence applications used in the private sector „fourth industrial revolution“ are now ...

Technological Solutions in the Work of Latvian Courts. Digitization, Business Analysis, Robotization

Jānis Dreimanis, Deputy Head of Project Management and International Cooperation Section at the Court Administration

Since the establishment of the Court Administration in 2004[1], the Latvian court system has received continual, professional support in various areas, from financial-technical security ...

The Evolution and Trends in the Computerisation of Courts in Romania

Ştefan Ioan Lucaciuc and Cristian Pup, Judges at the Timişoara Court of Appeal

The computerisation and digitisation of the activity of courts has been a constant concern for the European states for several years, and the judicial system in Romania has also been intensely fixated on finding the most suitable solutions to contribute to the efficiency of the courts’ activity ...

The Digitalisation of Courts in Lithuania

Lina Griškevič, Deputy Director of the Lithuanian National Courts Administration

Where the digitalisation of courts is concerned, the following e-tools for case management in Lithuanian courts may be determined: Lithuanian courts’ informational system, LITEKO Recording of court hearings E-file system (Lithuanian courts’ electronic service portal) Informational pre-trial investigation system (IBPS) Remote court hearings ...